View Full Version : Re: Hodge movie (and the hazards of laser pointers)

September 10th 06, 05:58 AM
D. wrote:
> We really did not mean to make him slam his head into the radiator
> cover. We didn't realize he'd done it 'til we saw (and heard) the video.
> Owie. He's okay. :)

tell it to the animal control officer, they should be there in a few
minutes :D


would you believe just today, I uninstalled quicktime
I said.. "I never use it" lol

same thing happens whenever I clear out my paperwork.
*I just clicked the movie file, Nero Show Time played it beatiful

Nice Video, I love the radiator covers

I can't get Lucy to play with a laser dot.. she has zero interest, she
won't even look at the dot

Ill have to watch it again, I didn't see the headbanging