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September 14th 06, 02:37 PM
We inherited two cats. These cats had been locked in a shed for four
months but fed and had the litter box cleaned. They've otherwise had
virtually no contact with people. One is a black short-hair and has
really been the perfect pet. The Himalyan, however, is another story.
She has gone into hiding for three weeks now coming out only at night
or when we are not there to eat and play with the other one. We can
force the issue if, for no other reason to insure it's healthy and take
it to the vet. In fact, we did that one time but it was a trauma for
everyone with the cat climbing the walls to get away. I'd rather not do
that again. Has anyone had this experience with a cat before. Should we
just wait it out to see if she'll become more sociable?


September 14th 06, 04:17 PM
Pete wrote:
> Has anyone had this experience with a cat before. Should we
> just wait it out to see if she'll become more sociable?
> Pete

I would suggest to give her all the time she needs to adjust to the new
people (you) and the new place. Just let her do what she feels like.

The following story is only in parts a comparison to yours, but shows
similar aspects.

When my Luzie had her four kittens it was clear, that the kittens would
to good places at the age of around 2-3 month. Everybody seems to do it
way. O.K. Lizzie was the first kitten to go, and after I gave her to a
nice Lady I felt very sad and sick that evening. And that night. And
follwing day. I couldn`t stand it so I decided to get my Lizzie back.
learned from that, that if everybody does it and it is considered to be
"normal", it doesn`t mean that it is right for me.

O.K. - some fuzz and I got my Lizzie the next day back. From that point
Lizzie was the shyest cat you can imagine. She sort of moved under the
and I didn`t see this cat for month. She was playing with her brothers
sisters - when I wasn`t around. She was active at night - when I wasn`t
I couldn`t come near her I couldn`touch her. It was terrible, she
flinched from noise, every movement. This kitten seems to have been a
sensitive one and the shock of being parted, having had a drive in a
car for
hours and being in the hand of another person has terrified her. So do
think. Well, I couldn`change it and so we lived together with a Lizzie

After a year or so we got the chance of moving into a house in the
countryside. Joy of six cats getting into the transport cases.
Catching Lizzie and getting her into a transport box was a navy seal
Which means in my (german tv) world it was dangerous, painful and
a lot of intelligent planning.<g>

This is now 7 years ago, and Lizzie got accommodated very well since
In the new house she sat again for month under the sofa, but eventually
peeked out and started to come out. Still flinching at every noise and
movement - hiding again under the sofa. Slowly she grew more and more
confident that the world could be lived in. And one day she even
allowed me
to pet her. This is years ago and since years Lizzie is ok, she even
developed a nightly hunting habit -bringing in a lot of mice. She is
still a
nervous cat, but I am even allowed to come with my hand from above over

her head to pet her. She cuddles with me in bed or on the sofa.
So she trusts again.

In short terms - I think your cat will be ok.
She needs time to adjust to the new situation.