View Full Version : Itchy Ears Update

September 18th 06, 04:29 PM
My allergic [EGC] cat, who is also asthmatic and receives quarterly Depo
Medrol shots, began bothering her ears a few weeks ago, to the point that
she had scabs in the little bald places in front of them AND on her actual
ears. It was not quite time for a shot, and we want to be careful about
giving too many due to increased risk of diabetes and other things.

Lyn thought it might be ringworm, but it was not, nor was it mites. She has
had no lesions either on her lip or the back of her legs, or any wheezing or
asthma attacks, so I really did not want to get her a Depo shot yet. So ...
on my vet's advice I gave her 1/2 tablet (4 mgs a tablet) of Chlortrimeton
(I used the generic) once a day for three days in a row. [He said to give
her 1/2 a tab twice a day but my instincts told me less. She weighs 7 lbs.]

The scabs healed and she still scratches but not so much. On the bad side,
it made her sleep 23 hours a day instead of 22!~ just kidding.

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