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Simba's Mom
September 18th 06, 05:36 PM
SOrry as this is very difficult for some to hear but the more people
that know about this the better chance we have at saving millions of
cats & Dogs


For CAT video Report visit:

Please visit: http://www.furisdead.com/feat-dogcatfur.asp to get the
mailing address where to send your concerns to. PLEASE WRITE THEM TO

PETA recently conducted an undercover investigation into the Chinese
dog and cat fur trade to show you what the industry is so desperate to
hide. Even our veteran investigators were horrified at what they found:
Millions of dogs and cats in China are being bludgeoned, hanged, bled
to death, and strangled with wire nooses so that their fur can be
turned into trim and trinkets. This fur is often deliberately
mislabeled as fur from other species and is exported to countries
throughout the world to be sold to unsuspecting customers in retail
stores. China supplies more than half of the finished fur garments
imported for sale in the United States, so the bottom line is that
because dog and cat fur is so often mislabeled, if you're buying fur,
there's no way to tell whose skin you're wearing.

PETA went into an animal market in Southern China and found cats and
dogs languishing in tiny cages, visibly exhausted. Some had been on the
road for days, transported in flimsy wire-mesh cages with no food or
water. Twenty cats were forced into a single cage. Because of the
cross-country transport in such deplorable conditions, our
investigators saw dead cats on top of the cages, dying cats and dogs
inside the cages, and dogs and cats with open wounds. Some animals were
lethargic or frightened, and others were fighting with each other,
driven insane from confinement and exposure.

Up to 8,000 animals are loaded onto each truck, with cages stacked on
top of each other. Cages containing live animals are commonly tossed
from the top of the trucks onto the ground 10 feet below, shattering
the legs of the animals inside them. Many of the animals we saw still
had collars on, a sign that they were once someone's beloved
companions, stolen to be made into fur coats.

Thank u to all who help!