View Full Version : Kitten w/Cataracts

October 1st 06, 11:13 PM
Does anyone here know anyone else who can exchange emails
with me on the subject of being the caretaker of an
under-one-year-old cat who has cataract and lens replacement
surgery? If so, please email ,
or post a full description as you are able.

An animal rescue organization of which I know is in a
dilemma over this. I have been asked to assist, labor-wise,
but so far am declining unless someone fosters my two other
cats. Then all of us (organization, surgeon, myself) would
want to "test" how the kitten takes to the Elizabethan
collar for a month before the actual surgery.

Short of strapping the poor cat down and feeding him/her by
IV for a month or so, I have doubts about the chances of
success for this for cats in general. I think only a very
special personality-d cat would put up with having his/her
eyes sewn shut and the Elizabethan collar for over a month.

I have googled and groups.googled. The dotcom sites on
animal cataract surgery seem to emphasize overwhelmingly
successes with dogs. The newsgroups do not offer much.

Thank you for any help or direction you can offer.