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October 8th 06, 05:38 PM
You can try Feliway it is used to calm down animals with anxiety
conditions. I have seen it work wonders.

You also have to understand some cats are like that they do what they want.
He obviously trust you to sleep with you

Our cat limo doesn't at all like to be picked up and to be petted when she
wants to only. My spirit is a nervous nit any noise or anything gout of
the ordinary he becomes a wreck. I am always worried I he would have a
heart attack

NO KEEP HIM IN letting him out is asking for a world of trouble with a
nervous cat

"Paul" > wrote in message
> Hi all,
> I have a 1 year old neutered tom cat, and had him since 2months old.
> I've always tried to play with him since i got him, and i speak to him all
> the time, but despite this, he's still nervous, doesn't like to be picked
> up or stroked most of the time etc.
> at night, he will come and sleep with me though, which he seems to love.
> are there any ways to help him relax? often there's only myself in the
> flat, and my girlfriend comes at weekends, so it's not a hectic
> environment.he has toys and likes playing with us sometimes (he runs after
> me if i run from one room to another). i'm just worried that he's not
> happy.
> one more thing, he's an indoor cat - would letting him out help at all?
> thanks for reading!