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October 8th 06, 05:46 PM
I do a little volunteer work in animal rescue. This has
included visiting with a few dozen cats in a cattery every
week, to help them get used to humans. Some like to be
picked up, and some (even the old-timers) do not. All
ultimately will accept being stroked, at least a bit. Cat
personalities really do vary about as much as human

I no longer believe in letting cats roam outside. They can
get bitten by other cats or dogs, or hurt by cruel people,
or (very common) hit by a car. One of my cats loves busting
out of the house (by accident, and making me a nervous wreck
until I lure him back in around supper time), but he's also
one who, a few years ago before I got him, broke a leg on
one of his forays into the world.

I avoid sudden moves or sounds around any cat that seems a
bit nervous. I always hold my hand a few inches from his/her
nose, and wait for him/her to move his face close to my
hand, before trying to stroke him/her. I think they're
adjusting to one's odor. Once they get used to it, they're
more willing to let the person get close the next time.

You can try a heating pad set on low during the day, and see
if your cat favors this spot. In the winter time, this has
always been a big hit with the cats I've had. A little
catnip now and then seems to make a happy cat, too.

Sounds like you have a fine cat, just not one that is a
"picker upper."

"Paul" > wrote
> Hi all,
> I have a 1 year old neutered tom cat, and had him since
> 2months old.
> I've always tried to play with him since i got him, and i
> speak to him all
> the time, but despite this, he's still nervous, doesn't
> like to be picked
> up or stroked most of the time etc.
> at night, he will come and sleep with me though, which he
> seems to love.
> are there any ways to help him relax? often there's only
> myself in the
> flat, and my girlfriend comes at weekends, so it's not a
> hectic
> environment.he has toys and likes playing with us
> sometimes (he runs after
> me if i run from one room to another). i'm just worried
> that he's not
> happy.
> one more thing, he's an indoor cat - would letting him out
> help at all?