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October 9th 06, 05:00 PM
For all parents who have difficulty curbing your kids, compulsive
habits of having sweets, try making your own "Home Made Healthy

Ingredients :

Lolipop Sticks
100ml fresh honey
misty water bottle spray.
Ice cube maker

1. use an empty ice cube maker tray (just off the standard fridge)
spray evenly, a layer of water mist over the ice cube tray.
put the tray into the freezer compartment for 20 minutes ( or till this

layer is frozen)
repeat this step 3 times, to get a good strong layer of ice over each
little ice 'cup' in the tray.

2. squeeze a table spoon of honey into each "ice cups" which had been
coated with water vapor

3. put in a stick in to each tray and pearce the other end of the stick

on to a std A4 paper.
so, if your tray has 12 ice cups, you would have 12 sticks, and all
these sticks are held on one piece of A4 paper,

4. Place the entire assembly into the freezer.

Serve, when the honey solidifies.

Have fun.

remember, you need to work pretty fast, before the layer of thin ice in

each ice cups melts.
if your honey does not freeze easily, you would need to make a thick
syrup of honey instead of pure honey.

if you need more help, let me know.

To your health and your kids !!



October 9th 06, 06:19 PM
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