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Rene S.
October 9th 06, 05:32 PM
Paul wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a 1 year old neutered tom cat, and had him since 2months old.
> I've always tried to play with him since i got him, and i speak to him all
> the time, but despite this, he's still nervous, doesn't like to be picked
> up or stroked most of the time etc.
> at night, he will come and sleep with me though, which he seems to love.
> are there any ways to help him relax? often there's only myself in the
> flat, and my girlfriend comes at weekends, so it's not a hectic
> environment.he has toys and likes playing with us sometimes (he runs after
> me if i run from one room to another). i'm just worried that he's not
> happy.
> one more thing, he's an indoor cat - would letting him out help at all?
> thanks for reading!

You already have some good advice here, but I wanted to add that trying
something like Rescue Remedy could be of help. You get it at a health
food store and add a few drops to the water. (it's herbs, not harmful
and people can use it too).

I also echo the NO in letting him out.