View Full Version : first time having a cat with fleas, help!

October 10th 06, 02:45 AM
Me and my boyfriend just got a new kitten and within the first five
minutes of seeing him i knew he had fleas. we bathed him in baby
shampoo and i comed him with a flea comb probibly like fifteen times
and i brought him to the vet the next day and she applied revolution(a
topical flea med)right in between his shoulder blades. so basically the
cat was in my house less than twenty four hours before he was treated
and i want to know how worried i should be about getting another out
break on the cat. I also vacumed and applied a flea powder to the areas
he was in mostley. I know im oerreacting a little but im completeley
freaked out i just want someone to let me know their first hand
expierence with revolution or any advice! it would be greatley
apprieciated thanks

October 10th 06, 11:10 PM
Hi, I am also a first time cat owner, having brought home a stray. I
also discovered he had a few fleas. I went through his fur and picked
them out. They are quite hard to kill and you need to squash them
between your fingernails.......doesn't sound very pleasant, I know.
Though I did read that for every flea on a cat, there could be 200 in
the house!! That scared the life out of me too. Someone did tell me
that if you treat his flea collar every month you will never have a
problem with fleas. I got his flea collar done at the vet and have
bought some to do myself...they are expensive but will be worth it in
the long run....for the cats comfort and your own peace of mind. The
one I was recommended is "Advantage" and protects against fleas,
earmites and worms. Also the fleas are most prevalent from Spring
through Summer and hibernate in Winter.
Good luck and let us know how you get on.