View Full Version : do cats dream?

October 10th 06, 09:53 PM
if so, what? do they have wet dreams?

do they dream of greek orgies? do gay cats exist?

do they dream in freudian fashion? do they dream in filmic fashion? are
they like sort of 4 legged equivalents of maya deren? was maya deren a
cat? is david lynch a cat? so does david lynch sleep 25 hours a day?
and if so, how on earth does he have time to make mooees?

Kingo Gondo
October 10th 06, 10:22 PM
As to your titular question, they certainly do appear to dream. Only can
only imagine what dreams they are having when they start twitching in the
midst of a deep sleep. I am sure our local lizards and birds would be sore
afraid if they could such dreams projected.