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October 12th 06, 08:14 PM
Filthy bitch got exactly what she deserves


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- A woman who lied about getting pregnant through date
rape and abandoned her newborn in a trash bin was sentenced to prison for
the statutory rape of the baby's father, her 12-year-old cousin.

Twyana Davis, 30, claimed in 1995 that she had been raped at a party, and
told her story in a book and on television.

Davis was sentenced Tuesday in Franklin County Common Pleas Court to 10 to
25 years in prison. She had confessed to having a sexual relationship with
the cousin, leading to her pregnancy.

Judge Michael J. Holbrook labeled her a sexual predator and fined her

She told the judge she is trying to become a better person.

"With all respect to you, there is a judge we all have to stand before some
time," she said.

Davis confessed to clear her conscience and claimed the sex was consensual,
said defense attorney Byron Potts. He blamed her actions on a poor
upbringing and abuse when she was a child.

In November 1995, Davis left her daughter in a trash bin at Ohio Dominican
College, where she was a student. The girl survived, and Davis was convicted
of child endangering.

She wrote "Sacred Womb" and formed Second Chance of Life, a nonprofit group
aimed at preventing teen pregnancies and providing alternatives for young
mothers who don't want to keep their babies.

Her work led to appearances on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and "20/20."

October 12th 06, 08:41 PM
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> Filthy bitch got exactly what she deserves

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