View Full Version : little ratbag!!!

October 15th 06, 11:18 PM
I was sitting in the sunroom this morning, when the tiny, pitiful mews
started; I couldn't figure out where from though. At one point I thought I
had a kitten stuck inside the couch. Then I thought to look out the window,
and sitting on an upturned compost bin under my window, staring pitifully up
at me, was Red (the little meezer with the tail fur problem). He must have
slipped out behind me when I'd gone out to the laundry 10 mins earlier....he
was all staring and bushy tailed, poor boy, and is now very affectionate and
grateful to be back inside! What an adventure for the little boy! And I am
very, very grateful he is a smart little cookie and came around to the
window and called me!!