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October 23rd 06, 12:31 AM
"Monroe" > wrote in message
> I've narrowed down an available selection of catfood for my 6 cats to
> the following:
> Innova Adult Cat Food
> Innova Evo
> Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care Adult
> Orijen (a local variety manufactured by Champion Pet Foods of
> Morinville, Alberta)
> Looking for input on those of you have have or continue to use any of
> these. I've had two dogs on Innova food for many years; been very
> happy with both the quality, effect and cost effectiveness of that
> brand. As of a very short duration sampling, cats seem to be
> preferring the Nutro then a tossup between the Innova Evo/Orijen (both
> of these being non or very low grain/high protein types).
> thanks
> --
> Monroe

I alternate Innova Evo canned with several varietiesof Wellness canned
(which means about 1 can of Innova Evo to 3 cans of Wellness). The cats
like it and are thriving on this diet.