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October 24th 06, 11:40 PM
> From: Charlie Wilkes >
>>i post to usenet via a terminal at a university running a random character
>>generator to prevent spam. the outgoing email address is never the same.
>Right, that's what I figured. I'm a little surprised those setups are
>still around, because so few people use them anymore. But they still

actually this is a new setup they've started and a lot of people are now
using it because they're so fed up with spam. since using this, i get zero
spam as anything that is sent to any of the random character addresses
goes to something called dev/null. it's supposed to be a dead end black
hole that spam never returns from. from what i've heard here locally, i
guess it's really gaining popularity. you can now use it at home with your
home computer and connect to their terminals to use the program. something
old becoming new again, i guess. i also have the option of using my real
email address to write to friends.

anyway, thanks for the advice on my precious little cat.