View Full Version : Goodbye, Iams

October 26th 06, 02:34 AM
I've been buying the 6-oz cans of Iams canned food for I dunno how
long. At some point this year they changed their formula and now it's
either pellets or "flakes". My cats sort of pick at it and they are
not fussy, I tell you.

So I thought I'd try Science Diet, so I had to go out to Petsmart to
get it (Iams is sold at Kroger just a qtr mile away from me). I got it
home and I thought, cr*p, it's pellets too. SO I gave it a whirl and
the cats scarfed it down and licked the bowl clean.

Finally after wrestling with the little cans of Iams that I usually get
at Kroger or Target, which the cats don't like anyway, I have a
solution. Strange that Iams would change their formula, like new Coke.

October 29th 06, 05:18 PM
Not only that, but I heard that Iams makes unhealthy food now. They got
bought out by someone and their dog food makes puppies sick.

My vet said to switch from Iams. I use Purina One or whatever expensive
cat chow strikes my fancy. My cats won't eat Science Diet; flavor's too
yucky or something.