View Full Version : need a vetinarian to adopt Sunshine!

ima 2toedsloth
October 28th 06, 10:17 PM
Sunshine is about 10 years old and is a very loving cat who needs a new
home living with a vetinarian or an animal lover who has the money to
take care of her. We are having a hard time just paying the bills each
month and really want to see her taken care of. She is a very sweet
cat who only wants love. She loves to be brushed, talked to, petted,
and to play which is quite humorous since she's also so fat. She has
asthma and needs to go to the vet right now. She usually has to go
several times per year. She needs medication occasionally to help and
hasn't been to the vet in a while because we just don't have the money.
If you can afford to take care of her and will take time to pet her
and brush her we'll let you adopt her. Serious inquireis only. She
really does need a better home than we are able to give her and we
won't just give her to anybody off the street. You must be able to
care for her better than we can or we won't give her up. We originally
got her from an animal shelter where she was about to be put to sleep.
We rescued her and now we can't do what we promised because of
financial reasons only. What little we do have must go for keeping up
with everday bills and cring for our children. Sad but true so if you
can love this sweet fat cat and take her to the vet for the next 10
years or so then let us know. Also when we got her we discovered that
she has been declawed in thefront so you must be able to keep her
indoors at all times as she is unable to defend herself from other
animals. She is a wonderful sweet fat cat who just needs extra vet
care. Sincerely- poor cat lover.