View Full Version : TNR Tools: Time Lapse Photography

October 29th 06, 06:28 AM
On my last feral roundup, I was holding 5 cats awaiting neutering. One
of them was ****ting on the floor and I had to figure out which one. I
borrowed the new camera from work, a Nikon Coolpix S1 which has a time
lapse photography feature. I set it for 30 seconds and left it in the
room overnight. When I reviewed the movie, I spotted the culprit as
she spotted my rug, and stuck her in a cage with her own litterbox. It
turned out that there were two cats ****ting outside the box, both of
them about a year old or less and pregnant.

Right now I have one set up at a bowl of food outside to see how many
ferals might show up for my next roundup.

I liked the camera so much that I bought one of my own. The Coolpix
S1, S2 and S3 are the only relatively low cost digital cameras I know
of that have a time lapse feature, but I'd be interested in hearing of
any others.

John Kimmel