View Full Version : Re: TK's HCM checkup at Tufts...Phil P

November 2nd 06, 03:34 PM
My Maine Coon mix developed a loud murmur at age 6 in 2000. Diltiazem was
the miracle he needed. He's been on it ever since (4mg qd), with annual
exams and echoes by a board-certified vet (specialty is oncology, actually).
This was the second specialist we visited when the problem first arose.

The first correctly diagnosed HCM, told me that Diltiazem was her treatment
of choice. She decided to delay treatment until the HCM got worse! Why?
Because she would prescribe the human dose (30mg) which she said would
put my cat into a state of perpetual near-sedation. I found another vet.

I have no training in medicine of any kind and I try very hard not to steer
the treatment of my pets. But sometimes my conscience causes me to get
involved. This time, it was the right choice: HCM solved.

My miracle kitty had an intestinal tumor removed in July. Despite "clean
margins" and the best chemo follow-up, cancer has started up in his lung
and liver. They say he has two months. So far he seems quite normal, is
eating well, and a little petting starts up a lot of purr. I put in a
lot of love and still give him his Diltiazem every morning. I know we'll
get together at the RB.

Diltiazem and a good vet gave us six more years of happiness. Do the
right stuff for your friend. He deserves it.