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Sale Pelletier
November 4th 06, 07:08 PM
2814 Dellwood Drive
Parma, Ohio 44134-4208

This is my site for a non-profit based advertising agency that is
dedicated to giving non-profit organizations advice on how to promote
either their causes or their particular organization. If you have only
a small budget, then GLA is the business you want to contact.

My services will be most useful for the emerging non-profits that are
currently barely passed The Articles of Incorporation, or for groups
that haven't even filed with their Secretary of State. Or for groups of
a few that meet in someone's house's extra room or in the library's
meeting room.

I have a degree in Marketing, and am near a degree from Cleveland State
University in Urban Affairs with 25 years involvement in seemingly
every cause or social problem that has ever existed.

Non Profits should send their mission statement, along with other
information about their organization to me along with $75 to get some
fund raising/awareness raising epiphanies. Epiphanies that won't cost
much for you to execute and will be very cost effective. Although
legality won't be guaranteed. In particular, ideas that might have
local or state prohibitions.

You could send the information via e-mail, or just send your website.

I can do entire creative briefs for advertising campaigns or public
service campaigns. But, I am not a member of the American Marketing
Association. Thus, I can't get any sort of discount. Although, with a
concept that you like, you could go to an advertising agency or public
relations firm and save a great deal of money not paying for the
agencies "creative process".

You pay me $75 instead of paying agencies thousands or millions of
dollars. You also have a better chance of getting an agency to
implement minimal advertising expenditures (their commissions) if they
aren't competing for a small advertising account.

It's unlikely that an agency will return your calls if you only have a
few thousand dollars to spend, or if you only plan on doing stuff like
PSA's. Agencies are looking for multi-million dollar accounts to
compete for.

I am donating half my revenues (not profits) to various AIDS
organizations. In particular, The Delta Society, PAWS SF, Daytime
Unites For Africa or any other Pet Therapy organizations I find.

Once I receive your e-mail, information, fax or whatever form of
communication you prefer, along with a payment (presently only cash,
check or money order) you will have at least 3 ideas (actually all I
come up with) within 14 days or you will get your money back. If you
think the ideas really stink I guarantee a substantial refund based on
normal contract law standards.

If you E-mail,or fax your cause or organization information to
. Then send the payment by mail Pay To Order:
"Guiding Light Advertising" to the above address.

If I am too busy to devote enough time to your cause, I will say so and
return any money paid. I will never apologize for lack of effort to
your cause.

Because Love (Saving The World) Means Never Having To Say....You're