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November 6th 06, 03:56 PM
Hi everyone. I have been posting on here for a month now every since my cat
blocked a month ago, but things are still going a little weird in the litter
box. He is having no trouble at all urinating, peeing like a champ really,
but when he does go, he does this strange thing with his head and neck. He
turns it sideways until his chin is almost looking up at the ceiling and once
he did it when he got out of the litter box and was cleaning himself. So,
the Friday before last (this started Thursday before last), I brought him
into the vet and the vet was perplexed by the neck thing, but felt his
bladder and said that he was definitely not blocked, but that maybe he was
just inflammed down there and that was his way of showing discomfort, so, he
gave him a shot of cortisone and Clavamox for a week. That night, when my
cat Trouble urinated, he was fine, no neck twitching, but on Saturday, it
started up again.

On this past Friday, I took him back to the vet for the works (including
neutering). When I went to pick him the vet was even more perplexed. He
told me that Trouble is absolutely perfect down there. His bladder is in
perfect shape (he showed my the x-ray of Trouble and an x-ray of a cat that
has a problem, and the difference was amazing), he said that they had
absolutely no resistance when they passed a catheter to do a urinanalysis and
that there is no inflammation or infection in his urethra. He stated that he
is beginning to question if Trouble ever really even had a blockage to begin
with, but cannot explain the neck thing he does in the litter. He does not
think that it is seizures being that it only happens in the litter box. He
put Trouble on Clavamox again and added Axium, which I believe is a steroid.
Hoping that this will help. The vet is wondering if he is possibly having
spasms in his urethra.

Does this sound at all familiar to anyone here? Something is definitely
bothering him when he urinates, but every test comes back showing that he is
in perfect health. We are just waiting for the results of the urinalysis.
Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks guys. You have all been great.

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