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A&A's Mama
November 8th 06, 02:31 AM
Well, the good news is that Charlie took to his litter box great and
he's now pooping and peeing like a pro. So, cute to see him hop in and
out of it.

I don't know if I mentioned it in my previous post, but we adopted a
siamese mix a week prior to Charlie. His name was Blue and he was 4
mos. old. He died after 5 days with us. The shelter said it was an
upper respitory infection. They gathered that diagnosis from my
symptoms of a goopy eye and cough.

Charlie was only at the shelter less than 24 hrs. I bought him new food
and water bowls and washed out the litterbox with antibacterial soap.
My cousis is an animal control officer and she has been helping me. She
told me that respitory infections have a 10 day incubation period.

I noticed Charlie started with a sneeze last night. Now today he has a
clear, runny eye and now he has started with a runny nose. I am going
to call my vet ASAP in the AM for some antibiotics.

I guess what I am looking for is reassurance that Charlie will be OK
through the night and I am doing what's best by calling the vet as soon
as they open. I love this little guy so much. I can't stand another

Thanks for listening.

P.S. We have come to the comclusion that Charlie *is* a ragdoll, not a
siamese/himalayan mix.

Megan & Charlie Cat