View Full Version : No more strays FOR NOW !!!

November 9th 06, 03:41 PM
I have been feeding strays for so long now that I hate to think of
what I have spent!! Every day I have gone out to feed cats whether
rain, snow, sleet, ETC. Younger ones I have tried to find homes for
or if during cold, winter weather I will take them to one of the local
shelters even through none of them are no kill. The older ones I try
to provide a place where they can get out of the weather and where I
can put food under cover for them. One of the neighbors there has
been really good about letting me put food and bedding and stuff under
his full front porch which is all closed in on the bottom except for a
couple holes where cats can get under.

AS OF NOW there are no actual strays coming around but there are still
neighborhood cats that supposedly belong to someone but are so-called
outdoor cats. They know that they can get food where I feed them so
they still come. I will feed them through the Michigan winter then
taper off.

There was one that it's OWNER said was about 11 or 12 that hung out
24 / 7 at my ex's where I fed them. Rain, snow, cold, ETC he stayed
there curled up in the grass or leaves. I finally got his OWNER to
agree to keep him indoors at least through the winter but I told him I
would buy his cat food for it. I just felt sorry for the old guy
because winter was coming and some nights it got into the 20s and he
had trouble getting around the way it was. He has kept him in now for
about a week. I also got him to agree to let me try to find homes for
some of them even through it is kind of rough because most of them are
adults but I am trying.

There is a low income housing project near there and people come and
go all the time and there are at times pets that get left behind. The
last ones I took to the shelter was a goup of 3 about a year old that
someone left and they were living under a abandoned house.

Hopefully I will make it through the winter with no one dumping or
abandoning any furballs. Miracles do happen!!

My firbabies