View Full Version : Nice Las Vegas cat needs new home

November 9th 06, 08:03 PM
If you live in the Las Vegas area and would like to adopt a very nice
cat (and maybe his brother as well - they are both nice), Tumbleweed
will be at the PetSmart at Tropicana and Fort Apache. His name at the
Shelter had been Ooster and that is the name he will go by again. There
is a chance that Donna who is in charge of the cats at this location
might not be offering him for adoption again for a couple weeks, as she
will not be offering his brother Mike for another couple
weeks. Tumbleweed is a one-year old neutered male gray tabby. We
adopted him two months ago - however, my husband's allergies have been
acting up (we moved here from Los Angeles where he lived with cats
without a problem despite his allergies) all this time so we are taking
him back.

The brothers both went through separation anxiety when Tumbleweed came
to live with us (although I didn't at the time realize that was what it
was with Tumbleweed - just was concerned he wasn't eating). I only
learned about Mike's separation anxiety last week.

Tumbleweed has a chip implant so you will only need to notify HomeAgain
(the shelter will have this information).

The name of the organization is Heaven Can Wait and the woman in charge
of cat adoptions is Elaine. The number is 702-227-5555.