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November 17th 06, 02:53 AM
Levi continues to crack me up with his antics on a regular basis. One
thing he has been doing that never fails to amuse me is his grooming
routine. He does a great job considering he never had a mother to show him
how, but when he gets to his back legs, I'm pretty sure nothing really gets
done. He will be cleaning one leg and he'll catch a glimpse of the other
foot and go to grab it. Then he grabs the other one and starts rolling
around on his back grabbing each of his legs in succession. It reminds me
of when a human baby discovers his feet and can't stop playing with them.

But tonight I saw something new that nearly made me cry. He ran full speed
and jumped from the back of the couch onto the kitchen table, hit the
placemat, slid to the other side of the table and jumped off. I couldn't
stop laughing and told my daughter. She said, "oh he does that all the
time." Apparently it's a game for them (even though he's not allowed on
the table, ahem). I need to get a video camera...


"Every once in a while, the tables are turned and we get to share our lives
with an animal who takes care of their human." - Tara, rpdb