View Full Version : Nipsy's smelly poop back, this time with blood

November 22nd 06, 02:35 PM
It looked like Nipsy had taken a big poop sometime earlier. It's sort
of hard to tell since both cats use the same box. But Espy's tend to
be small little droppings, sort of like a deer. Nipsy's are long logs.
Plus he is pretty bad about covering them. Generally if I can see it
on the surface, it's Nipsy's.

A bit later I noticed a fresh, wet poop, with fresh blood on it,
looking like red threads. Naturally I freaked and started looking at
internet. Some of the causes are pretty benign (literally) but it
could be something malignant or colitis.

I just spoke to the vet, who said that it sounds like Nipsy had passed
a big hard one, and probably just ripped a bit of a paper cut (poopy
cut?) and that it was likely nothing to be concerned about. He said if
it continues then come in on Friday. Very calming indeed.

I'll have to get the furballs some turkey. As I recall, they aren't
really big fans of turkey. Perhaps there will be a ham as well; that
they really enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.