View Full Version : The whole business is sedated

December 5th 06, 03:20 PM
and we are nearing infection

this problem has it's root in, consequence

lack of education, stimulation

if you're over ridden, you nip it in the bud

why do they call it a parkway when you drive on it
why do they call it a driveway when you park in it
why do they call it a kill shelter yet cost society millions of dollars
and they are not killing
that whole business needs to be shut down

don't worry, animals will get their rights, as we educate our young
show them what to expect

people come in your house, they see those objects that you cherish,
well groomed, well fed...
fine companions, the inbreds will catch on finally.. they'll learn

child prostitution rings are at an all time high it's big business
little boys and girls sold into slavery

right here in america

I Dont rub elbows with that crowd

<my mascara is starting to run, but no-one would ever see that>

oooo, if I ever get my hands free enough to do something about it
it wouldnt' take me but a minute

GOD save the king

I wish somebody would walk up and pour a vat of oil on my head and
anoint me King over my state and my country

I'd burn the witches down baby all of em

heaps of occult books.. one that do make use of little cats, i know
damn well the whole lot of them run together but I am no accuser

they will never warrant my mind

my thoughts are not as their thoughts

a bag of switches to all the mean butts


<bigbad collapses to the floor, a small pool of blood gathers beside