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December 8th 06, 09:13 AM
Ameri-Pet Natural Pet Foods have ingredients that exceed all commercial
pet foods on the market today. Formulated for competition, working, and
show animals, Ameri-Pet foods are especially healthy for the family
pet. Ameri-Pet foods are not marketed through storefronts. They have
been mainly available to vets, breeders, trainers, kennels, and
competition dog owners. It is naturally preserved with No corn or
soybeans added. These are usually used as fillers in commercial brand
food! There are no artificial flavorings or colorings, no chemical
preservatives. Each bag is stamped with a manufactured date.


I have fed a grocery store brand for years. I switched my dog, Snoop,
to Ameri-Pet 6 months ago and it has cut my feeding cost in half.
Instead of feeding 5 cups a day of the old stuff, I now feed only 2
cups of Ameri-Pet a day. Snoop looks and feels better than he ever has
before. I have told all my friends and family what a great product
Ameri-Pet has. Thanks!
From: J.M. in Oklahoma

My dog Puff is a very finicky eater. I have tried probably 10
different dog foods over the last 2 years. I switched to Ameri-Pet Lamb
and Rice 9 months ago and she has been eating your food ever since. I
can't tell you how much time and money Ameri-Pet has saved me. No
more wasting half full bags and running all over town trying to find a
dog food she will eat. Thanks and don't change a thing.

From: E.B. in Texas

Ameri-Pet Performance Plus has done wonders for my Border Collie. He is
18 months old and full of energy. I am having trouble keeping weight on
him because of his high energy level. I have also been training him in
agility and with all the stress and running his weight was really a
concern. I changed his dog food to Performance Plus 5 months ago,
and now he is starting to put on a few pounds and his muscle tone is
better than it has ever been.

From: Tom in California

I own a kennel that boards about 35 to 50 dogs a daily. Two years ago
I started feeding Ameri-Pet Naturally Premium to all the dogs in the
kennel. After about 6 weeks, I noticed the stools were a lot smaller
and firmer. This may sound crazy, but in my business this makes a world
of difference. Not only is the clean up a lot easier and faster, the
cost of the food is a lot less expensive than the other food I was
From: C.L. in Missouri

My 3 year old terrier, Charlie, has had chronic skin problems for
years. After doing a lot of research I decided to switch him to
Ameri-Pet Coat Lamb and Rice. He has been eating your food for almost 4
months and the scratching has stopped completely. He now has a healthy
shiny coat and looks great. Thanks for your help.

From: T.R. in Texas

For more info go to www.markandnina.ameri-petonline.com