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Pepper The-Cat
December 9th 06, 02:16 PM
Thats short for hello.I just got back from a trip to Branson Mo. My
folks let me stay in their motel room at night for three nights . Each
morning and night my Dad would use a zipper type suitcase to sneak
me in and out of the fith story room. He would also make two additonal
trips a day sneaking my litte box in and out . I goofed up a couple
times and meowed slighly in the bag while on the elevator , a couple
people looked around as if they had heard something . One morning as my
dad was takin me back out to the van I thought it would be fun to slide
the zipper open a little more and jump out to see what it looked like in
the fifth floor hallway. You shuld have seen that old man yelling in a
wisper , reaching out , streaching for the floor and me ,he can really
move . Anyway I am only one and a half years old , they keep saying
something like I have the terrible two`s snyndrom or something . Well
the trip was really fun , lots to see out the window while they drove me
across coutry . Now we are going in the fifth whel to Florida for the
winter , I had a great time walking on my leash around the campground
last year . Oh by the way , Mom and dad just put up two really cool
trees in the house for me to climb , they even put lights on them so I
can see to climb at night , I realy lke Mom and Dad but sometimes they
[[YELL ]] at me . I,m still training them . Have a Merry Christmas
[[MEOW]] . Pepper

Old Guy
December 11th 06, 01:43 PM
Cute story. Sounds like the Puss I had for years . He really enjoyed the
Christmas trees also. Oldguy