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December 11th 06, 06:40 PM
On Mon, 11 Dec 2006 11:50:33 -0600, Mark Edwards wrote:

> Starting early last weekend, I developed an abscess in one of my upper
> incisors. I started getting a little swelling of my face, but paid no
> attention to it. I ended up sleeping completely through the weekend,
> and having no appetite at all.
> Monday morning, I went to the dentist to have them look at the
> abscess, and they prescribed Ampicillin for the infection, and Lortabs
> for the pain. I may as well have just thrown my money in a furnace.
> The Lortabs gave me no relief, but plain old Aspirin did. The
> Ampicillin did nothing at all, and when I talked to the dentist they
> gave me the line, "Oh sometimes it takes five days. If you want faster
> reactions, you need to get a shot from your doctor."
> So I went to see the doctor, who looked at my seriously deformed face,
> and told me this is a very life-threatening situation, and I'd be damn
> lucky not to require hospitalization.
> The doctor drained the abscess, opened it a bit to keep it draining,
> changed my prescription to Keflex and gave me a hip-shot of some other
> antibiotic.
> FINALLY! RELIEF! Although it was relatively minor relief at first, I
> started feeling alert, and feeling slightly less facial pressure in my
> face. I got a second shot on Friday, and I seem to have gotten past
> the hump on this nasty infection. I have also had some serious night
> sweats a couple of times, where I felt as if someone had poured a
> pitcher of water over me...
> The cats have been seriously good nurses, to the point of lying right
> up against me, and holding the blankets in place (big grin).
> The tooth comes out tomorrow, and hopefully this problem with the
> abscess will too.
> Hugs and Purrs,
> Mark

You have my deepest sympathy. Purrs that you will be healed. MLB