View Full Version : Re: Easy way to wean cat off of Fancy Feast and onto Hills Prescription Diet? - HELP!

December 14th 06, 03:46 AM
> I'm trying to get my elderly mom to stop giving her cat (with a granuloma
> like skin condition on her hind legs) Fancy Feast and try Hills low
> allergen Z/D prescription diet formula to see if it was the Fancy Feast
> that's the problem.
> This is causing quite a stir. My mom has mood swings

oh really! mood swings heh

who's buying the cat food
well anyway, just cut her off
don't let nobody buy no more
stock up on what you want
and tell her don't waste no money
you already got catfood

tell her your going to have the bottom dropped out of her casket if she
don't get herself together... that or a green weenie, they cut off the
legs to save money on a shorter casket.