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santa claus
December 20th 06, 12:35 AM
are you going to stand there and let them eat me up?

anytime now, just jump right in

if you move now, I got them all in a head-lock
their little red puckered lips are pulled over to the side
scratching their stinky butts

damn dishes piled up in the sink

yeah you're married yeah you got some money but you're alone
you're still alone

ya'll ain't hearin me, somebody KNOWS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT
you're alone

and nobody knows it but BIGBAD, and you can't make me doubt it, I know
little too much about it

my life is stamped by the visitation of the poor and discontent
I am full I am hungry I am alone but not forsaken

I need my mommy

mother come back from that echoless shore
rock me again in your arms as of yore
rock me to sleep mother rock me to sleep

rock me mamma like a wagon wheel, rock me mamma any way you feel
heeeeeeyyy mamma rock me

rock me like the wind and the rain
rock me like a southbound train
heeeeeyyy mamma rock me

thanks trish you've been great to listen
send me a bill will ya, im running a little lo on cash