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December 21st 06, 09:51 AM
I am posting here to ask that you take part in a campaign I have
started, to set up a national blood bank for dogs and cats in the UK

A strange request you ask, but this affects me personally..

We recently lost our gorgeous spollie (springer spanial/collie X) Slick
to a very severe form of canine anaemia.

The treatment he was being given for this horrible disease involved
very strong steroid treatment (4 - 6 months), which he was taking in
conjunction with very frequent blood transfusions.

For the initial transfusion, our vet was able to contact the owner of
one of their "doggy donors" to arrange for the blood to be taken. But,
as this was to be a long term situation, our vet asked that we source
the blood ourselves, as the "doggy donors" they had on their list were
limited in numbers, and may be required for other dogs (a dog can only
donate blood once every 3 months, as they need sufficient time to

For you and I, if we have an operation/are in an accident etc, there is
blood stored by the national blood service that can be called upon for
your use.

Despite having been petitioned on several occasions by the PDSA, DEFRA
have decided that the equivalent can not be set up for "non-food
animals" and so every time Slick needed a transfusion we had to go
through the rigmarole of sourcing the blood ourselves..

Note - I appreciate that my appeal has a doggy focus, but if something
is established this will go a long way to helping ALL animals including
our kitty friends!!

Recently a national register of owner details has gone on-line
(www.dogblooddonors.com (http://www.dogblooddonors.com)) , but as it is
in its infancy, there were no dogs on there that could have helped
Slick at this time

How do I take part you say?

Well it's simple, I have set up a petition that has the desired outcome
that a national blood bank is set up in the UK for non-food animals

I ask you to sign this petition and send it on to as many people as you
can think of. I will be presenting this to the Minister for Animal
Welfare at the end of February 2007

link to petition -


This I hope will leave something in place as a legacy to a much loved
family member that fought as best he might

Thank you for your time

Sam Beavis