View Full Version : Anyone willing to submit his caretaking/breeding tips online?

TF Radke
December 22nd 06, 11:26 AM

For my site i would like to get some more downloadable texts (Its a up- and
download portal for self written texts).
In order to get it started, i am looking for authors who submit something
(either an introduction on caretaking for absolute newbies or breeding tips
for the pros).

But any other user-written document is welcome, too... from novels to short
stories, guides to do-it-yourself-manuals or collections of recipies..
anything is welcome.

So, if anyone has something to submit ... www.vabok.com

(Before you concider this post a spam : i do not post blind in any group,
only in selected groups where there is a high possibility that some of the
readers are actually interessted and i will only call for submissions once.
I am not a professional who tries to sell something, this site is just an
idea which i am trying to get running.)

Best regards,