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December 22nd 06, 06:15 PM
is how we treat those weaker than we are.

those who have to take whatever we hand out, whether it is indifference,
brutality, or kindness.

Cats are in there. So are dogs, children, and the sick and old, the
legitimately poor, those who cannot work.

All the magical tools we have as humans? Our huge forebrains, our HANDS, the
greatest miracle ever!

And somebody anywhere wants me to believe there is a human being anywhere
who cannot take care of the simple needs of a cat? Including spaying and
neutering and other medical care?

It is not going to happen.

Put that $150.00 away ten bucks at a time. And keep that beautiful girl who
trusts and loves you and gives you so much safe and happy and healthy. Give
her a good life. Their lives are so short. And she gives you so much.

You know it is true.

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December 24th 06, 02:24 AM
cybercat wrote:

> You know it is true.

maybe Im wrong but she "sounded" like she enjoyed bumping uglies with
dick outside

I see right through you