View Full Version : what's the best cow orgasm you've ever seen in a mooee?

December 28th 06, 02:11 AM
im doing some research for my phd on cows and movies and i was
wondering if you've ever seen one in a movie and if so, which was the
best one. i've never seen one and i've got to give my 200,000 word
essay in in two weeks and i havent written a line im screwed. help me
out, folks. ive never ever seen a cow have an orgasm in a movie, and i
dont mean when we see a fat woman and call her a cow, like in that
swedish porn flick i saw recently where my mate said oh what a cow but
i fell head over heals in love cuz she was slightly fat and above all,
tall. i mean the cow animal one. unless cows dont have orgasms, but i
find that highly unlikely. i mean surely that's the meaning of moo?
well no not really. but surely that's the meaning of the word mooee?
and why wouldnt the mooeemaking industry show a cow's orgasm if such
practice is inherent within the very definition of their
(heidegerrian?) Being? that would be like tarkovsky not knowing who
eisenstein was. or if allen went amnesiac over the existance of billy
wilder. it's implausible. how can we say we gonna go to the mooees and
not ever think of cow's orgasms? are hollywood's producers that
disconnected with their very ontology? why hasnt even david lynch
picked up on this yet? what is wrong with the world that forgets to
show cow's orgasms in mooees?

sorry bout that, it's just im sort of worried cuz its 200,000 words in
two weeks, which makes it 15,000 per day, which is ridiculous. and im
very nervous.