View Full Version : Cats in Philadelphia Looking for Homes

December 29th 06, 09:11 PM
Hello Everyone,

I'm looking for homes for some stray cats that live outside my house. There
are three (two young adults and one feral kitten (around 6 months old)).

The two adults are great cats with amazing personalities.

The first one is a male, black and white tuxedo cat with white boots. He's
a beautiful cat and has a great temperament. I first thought that he was a
female because he showed up shortly after the kitten did. He would take
care of him, groom him, and let him play with his tail. He's definitely a
mild mannered kitty.

The second is a female, black with one white spot on her chest and one on
her belly. She also has a great temperament and is VERY outgoing.

Both the male and the female LOVE my dog. In fact, every time I take him
out for a walk, I can count on having two escorts running around my legs.
They get along extremely well with both cats and dogs. They both greet me
in the evening by jumping on the hood of my Jeep and peering in my
windshield after I pull into my driveway. THESE ARE GREAT CATS!!! They
were both young when they showed up at my door, and I'm guessing that
someone just didn't want them anymore.

The baby (he's all black) is a male (I think) and was found living under the
hood of my neighbor's car. He would only come out for food and is a bit
skittish. I think he's very tamable, because he lets you pet him while he's
eating. He also purrs while he's being petted. He's a very cute kitten.
His tail is broken. I'm not sure of how it happened. He may not have
gotten out of way before my neighbor started her car.

All three appear to be in good health (i.e., no runny noses or eyes).

If you know of anyone who would be interested in taking any one of these
kitties home with them, please contact me. Pictures will be provided upon
request. It's getting cold outside, and I'd really like to find them homes.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.