View Full Version : Re: best way to groom long-hair cats ?

Buddy's Mom
January 1st 07, 09:10 PM
I would try to cut out the mats and then try to comb them every day or
every other day at least to prevent mats from happening again. If you
aren't comfortable cutting out the mats yourself, take the kitty to a
groomer. No reason to shear the entire cat - just remove the mats. It
is much easier to give a quick once over with a comb daily than trying
to fix it when it is matted.

HW-K wrote:
> I guess often is best.
> However, a couple of cats I 'know' are in need of special care. They
> are starting to develop matted clumps on the back and rear quarters.
> Should i bath and attempt to comb out the lumps of matted hair or it
> better to have the animal shorn like a sheep is and then allow
> re-growth with proper attention to regular combing etc.
> Thanks for the advice ..