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Asociacion de Sordos de Lima
January 19th 07, 01:10 AM
The Civil Association " ASSOCIATION GIVES DEAF OF LIME " that will be
able to identify with the initials "ASSOLI" it(he,she) will have as
principal aim(lens) promote the social integration and the
exercise(fiscal year) of the civil power of the persons with auditory
disability in the cultural, labour, educational and legal areas,
granting special interest to the support, protection and development of
the youngest, in the effort for the equality of opportunities reaching
to the interior of the society listener(auditor) and the projection of
a public voice of the deaf community of Peru.

I found(fuse) on June 28, 2004, his domicile is Calle Santa Jacinta 148
Urb. Pando III Etapa Lima Cercado , Lima, Peru.

Association without ends of profit, inscribed in the Item N 11671378
I Agree A001 of the Record of Legal persons of Lima.
Affiliated in the National Consejo of Disability (CONADIS)
Telephone: 511-5642723 Cellular ones: 93440033 - 93439451 - 97301821
Fax 511-4236768
Very soon we will present our Official Web page, of there you were
finding a lot of information...
Regards from Peru.
The Managerial Meeting of the Association of Deaf of Lima