View Full Version : cryptococcosis in cats

January 22nd 07, 09:34 PM
Hi. I have a 6 year old Gray Domestic Short Hair cat that has always
been an indoor cat. He was diagnosed with cancer (lymphoma) and after
going through surgery twice to remove it, I found out he has
cryptococcosis. I have been treating him for this for almost 3 months,
without any improvement.

After going to another vet last week, I found out he has an ulcer in
his eye as well. He has been on a ton of different medicine. This
past weekend, he will not eat anything! I have tried to put water from
tuna in a syringe to feed him. He walks away from his favorite treat
(Tuna Flake) and has no interest in food at all. I did see him drink a
lot of water.

His symptoms are runny eyes (both of them now), the inside of his
nostril is puffy, which is making it hard for him to breathe through
his mouth.

Has anybody had a cat that had crypto? I would love to hear any advise
on how to get him better or at the very least, make him more

He is an indoor cat and has never been outside since we adopted him 6
years ago, so I am unsure as to how he caught this. It could have been
because of a low immune system when he had the cancer.

Thank you so much for any suggestions or support.