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January 24th 07, 05:06 PM
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> A well respected family is suing Brandy Alexandre (real name: xxxxxx
> xxxxxx) for defamation, libel, slander, netstalking, harassment.
> If you have any information on her, like her home address, phone
> number, social security number, who her employer is and their address
> and phone number, please post it here.
> Brandy lives in poverty and there isn't much to recover from her
> financially so we can't offer you a cash reward but we might go after
> her employer who has deep pockets. In that case we will offer you a
> reward.
> Thank you. This family will be very grateful to you. They have been
> hounded and harassed and stalked by Brandy and have had to go into
> hiding. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you have helped
> them get justice.

****ing idiot.