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January 24th 07, 08:52 PM
On 24 Jan 2007 08:25:20 -0800, "Lefty" > wrote:

>On Jan 24, 10:50 am, Nomen Nescio > wrote:
>> A well respected family is suing Brandy Alexandre (real name: Karleen
>> Smith) for defamation, libel, slander, netstalking, harassment.
>> If you have any information on her, like her home address, phone
>> number, social security number, who her employer is and their address
>> and phone number, please post it here.
>> Brandy lives in poverty and there isn't much to recover from her
>> financially so we can't offer you a cash reward but we might go after
>> her employer who has deep pockets. In that case we will offer you a
>> reward.
>> Thank you. This family will be very grateful to you. They have been
>> hounded and harassed and stalked by Brandy and have had to go into
>> hiding. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you have helped
>> them get justice.
>If these people really had a lawyer on the case, he or she could use
>investigators to find her and you wouldn't have to resort to this.
>Further, her employer cannot be sued for her personal conduct that is
>not related to her work.

Well considering Brandy bragged that her employers know she's an ex porn video ho and
have kept that information from their wives they could possibly be blackmailed...:)