View Full Version : OT, My miracle for the day.

Go Daddy
February 6th 07, 02:12 AM
It's super cold out tonight (Virginia, USA) I'm in the mountains.

Earlier I made a pass at putting an extremely large oak log into the
wood stove.
(this is a monster stove) the log weighs at least 80-90 Lbs easy.

I failed. I couldn't get it in... but I neeeed this log in the stove,
it would last all night if I get it in, but I had to pull it out
smoking, lol..

You'd have to see the interior of the oven to know my battle, I
couldn't just slide it in, I had to cajole it up on the far... fire-
brick ledge... the battle was raising the nose without raking my
gloves on the coals, not to mention the nose weight of the log, geez.

There's no way mere words can express how delighted I am, having
successfully shoved this tree up in there.

That's right! who's your daddy

lol, Im so happy I could cry, I''m laughing.

It was a small miracle in my opinion.

When you open the door? all you see is the butt of the log, you can't
get a toothpick in right now.