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Rene S.
February 8th 07, 02:36 PM
On Feb 7, 7:46 pm, ~ narnia ~ > wrote:
> My cat hisses at her brother when she comes home from the vet. This is
> really odd, because she's the one who smells from the vet, not him! I
> even rubbed the two of them with catnip to see if that would help, but
> it didn't work.
> These two are littermates and usually get along fine, but when he sees
> her hostile reaction to him he gets defensive and hisses back, and I
> have to separate them. Last time this happened it took me weeks to get
> things back to normal.
> Has anyone else had to deal with a problem like this?

My cats are not littermates, but yes, I have this same problem. One of
my cats freaks out when he smells the vet--on him or the other cat. I
now separate them after any vet trip. I bring the one who's been to
the vet in a spare room and feed him. While he's eating, I shut the
door. After a while, I will feed the cats treats on either side of the
the door, then open the door and let them see each other's noses and
smell, etc. I take it slowly. I've had to separate anywhere from 2-12
hours. I had an incident last year where I had to basically
reintroduce them, and it tooks months to get things calmed down, so a
few hours is nothing!