View Full Version : Metacam is God

Brian Link
February 10th 07, 10:31 PM
I'd been suspecting Tiger had some issues for a while. He stopped
eating his dry food (we put out both dry and wet), he was getting
sensitive to being pet on one side of his mouth, his breath stank, and
in general he was acting out quite a bit more.

The vet looked at him and saw some dental issues today, and we're
prolly going to get a tooth extracted in the next couple days.

We had some Metacam left over from Louis' hip subluxation, and the
doctor said we could dose Tiger for the few days before his surgery.

When we got home, Tiger was eyeing me distrustfully (I had to help
hold him and pry his mouth open. He was very unhappy). I gave him the
Metacam, and now an hour later he is the most lovey and comfortable
I've seen him in a long time.

It's a damn shame that analgesics like Metacam are so toxic for cats
in the long run (how did they ever evolve such delicate livers and
kidneys?). For chronic pain, it seems to act like Morphine for people.
Anyway, it was nice to have something around the house to give Tiger
some relief. With the recovery period after the extraction, he'll
still be within a single week of taking it when he's healed.

Still, at 13 years old, the vet thought Tiger was doing just fine
otherwise. He'd be collecting AARP if he were human - but he's very
energetic, playful and still acting the way he did when he was five.

btw, Tiger is one of those hardy, Maine-Coonish moggies. That must
just be the best expression of genes for mongrels - I've never known a
cat like that that wasn't strong and healthy.

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