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Catlover Medway via CatKB.com
February 24th 07, 09:19 PM
Could try a softer, sandy litter in one pan, especially if she's still
straining. Cats' paws press hard on the litter when they're passing faeces.
Note the importance of cleaning the areas where she's middened, or she'll
begin associate them with latrine areas.


~ narnia ~ wrote:
>My six year old cat was just diagnosed with colitis. As she became
>sicker, she stopped using the litter pan and I'd find piles in random
>places (she still pees in the pan thank goodness!).
>My vet gave her a cortisone injection to make her more comfortable,
>and we're going to discuss how to proceed later on this week. In the
>meantime, her stool is now formed and healthy, but she didn't go back
>to using the pan.
>I have 2 pans which are always kept clean. Every now and then I put
>her in the litter and dig with her paws hoping she'll get the idea,
>but she hasn't caught on so far.
>Any tips on how I can retrain her?

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