View Full Version : Pill Pockets testimonial, sort of.

February 27th 07, 01:39 PM
I have to say a word about Pill Pockets. I got a sample at the last
Cat Show in NYC and kept them around in case of need. They're a soft
little foodish thing open at one end so a pill can be inserted and
sealed inside. I think I have the Salmon flavor, there is also a
chicken one.

I have no connection to the company except for getting the sample. I
did not have much luck trying them with Nipsy or Epsy, who are very
picky eaters.

However, having just gotten Marlo, who needed seven days of 2 per day
antibiotics after spaying, I tried them on her. I was not looking
forward to having to pill her by hand; not having just caught her
outside and her not knowing me at all.

Luckily, she seemed to really like them. I put in a pill, and put it
in with her food. Each time she ate the thing. We've now completed the
14 pills.

So, for picky cats, these may not work. But if they'll eat anything,
like this girl, I have to say to give them a try. They sure made my
life easier, and hers.

Rene S.
February 27th 07, 02:30 PM
I think Pill Pockets are a great invention! One of my cats loves them
and they were a lifesaver when I had to give him antibiotics. My other
cat, who is more picky, gets a 2x daily medication, and ate them for a
while, but soon wised up to what was inside of them. Still, I always
keep some on hand.

A tip: Depending on the size of the pill, you might not need to use
the entire pocket. I'll sometimes break them in half to stretch them
out a bit more.