View Full Version : i have a new cat girlfriend...

vic kevlar
March 10th 07, 05:35 AM
i thought i was getting close to a couple different cats of a 3-cat lady
posse that hangs out with a little male kitten and comes through my
backyard every other day... the other two i had considered adopting (if
they wanted me) seem to perhaps be of the variety that isnt comfortable
with people touching or showing them their true SIZE, as they see
themselves as being GIANT.

after deciding that i didnt trust cats ever again (i got into a mood the
other night) one was like, delivered to hang out... the 3rd of the group,
i hadnt had much eye contact and close chemistry with, and shes hanging out
in a spot shes taken, near a water dish ive left out for them.

today when i woke up, i was walking around just wearing my boxer shorts,
and found myself walking across the house to a window overlooking the
backyard... i considered that i shouldnt expose myself, being as how there
are children around, but i was forced to take a quick peek down into the
backyard, and the cat ive been describing, 3rd of the 3 ladies that hang
out that i havent met before, who spent a few hours in the backyard the day
before, was WAITING for me, staring STRAIGHT up at me... im HERS...

i believe the force that made me ignore my own decency for a moment (im on
the second floor in that bedroom and it wasnt really that probable that id
be seen) was a device that takes a male cat and has made me her

its cute...