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March 22nd 07, 01:38 AM
Royal Canin Canada Statement Regarding Product Safety

GUELPH, ON, March 21 /CNW Telbec/ - Royal Canin Canada
wishes to assure customers that no Royal Canin Canada products
are linked to any current safety issues regarding Menu Foods.

In early 2006, Royal Canin Canada did voluntarily withdraw
seven specific code lots of Canned Waltham Royal Canin
Canada Veterinary dog and cat food. They were withdrawn
as a precaution because the products contained elevated
levels of Vitamin D3 which could cause loss of appetite,
lethargy and excessive drinking and urination in pets.

The elevated levels occurred due to a vitamin-mineral
premix error from a supplier, resulting in excess levels of
Vitamin D3 in these code lots.

The recalled lots affected products prescribed exclusively
through veterinary clinics. All veterinary clinics were notified
and the products were removed from those clinics.

Royal Canin Canada wishes to assure customers that
all affected products have been removed and destroyed.
No over-the-counter pet food was affected.

Since last year, Royal Canin Canada has changed its
premix supplier, put in place systematic Vitamin D3 analysis
and enhanced quality checks in finished products.

The steps taken are driven by Royal Canin Canada's
Pet First philosophy and its commitment to pets and pet owners.

"For close to 40 years, the health, happiness and long
lives of our customers' pets have been our number one
priority," said Xavier Unkovic, CEO Royal Canin Canada.
"We have one of the most stringent quality control
processes in the industry."
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March 22nd 07, 02:41 AM
The sorry thing about the food recall is a good majority of folks are
just to lazy to look tre items up, and the others just do not care
since it is only an animal......and then there are some that coul
dcare less as they are not going to waste a $5 pack of pouched foods
on a 1:6 chance after all its only a dog / cat anyhow. Pityfull..

I forgot more about ponds and koi than I'll ever know!