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March 22nd 07, 10:52 PM
Is that why she talks about sex all the time?
~Roy~ wrote:
> Cut paste of posts of CArol Gulleys pathetic lying insideous life over
> the last few years and it proves just how sick and depraved this
> person really is....
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> This was posted by Carolyn Gulley of Tennessee:
> That's very sad (about your sister) and I can surely relate. I had a
> hysterectomy & then they went back & took my last ovary at age 47 or
> so. I
> went into a severe menopause with almost all the symptoms. At the end
> of
> the 4th month I told my Dr. if I don't start HRT soon i may commit
> suicide
> and I think I may have meant it at the time. It was torture to just
> be
> alive and death seemed a better choice. On HRT at least I have a
> lebido,
> have orgasms, no sweats, headaches etc. etc..... I can see why Terry
> chose
> HRT over a misrable life despite the past cancer history. I think
> hysterectomy makes meno much much worse yes! Our bodies have no
> chance to
> adjust naturally and yes Terry also had a hysterectomy - but she STILL
> suffered unbearable symptoms after all those YEARS! Your poor
> unfortunate
> sister will no doubt remain sexless unless she takes the HRT anyway.
> She's
> between a rock & a hard place.... I can only wish her well.
> As soon as I try to cut back on my HRT the symptoms start immediately
> and
> grow worse by the day. I've been on HRT now for 5 or so years. They
> carefully regulate it by bloodtests because i also have endometriosis
> and
> can't get that sturred up again.